Write for Us + Travel Paid Guest Post : Follow Guidelines and Some Protocols Before Posting an Article!

Read this article and you will be able to gain some idea and it will also help you to create proper Write For Us + Travel Paid Guest Post.

Do you have any idea how to post guest post articles? Have you ever created your article on a travel post before? Do you know all the guidelines for writing guest posts? While you have been searching for details you find our article as the best option?

Recently lots of writers have shown interest and want to post articles related to Travel, but before we provide opportunities to the writer we want to publish some new guidelines for the Write For Us + Travel Paid Guest Post in your Quickgonews.com. Now continue this article and know everything in detail.

About Quickgonews.com:

We have huge traffic base and we want our writer to know that we mainly provide varieties of articles among them some of the articles that our viewers love to read are as follows:

News articles: In this segment it is our duty to discuss the most trending topic over the web, and we focus on providing the trending topics.

Website reviews: Here we took the responsibility to find out the behaviour of a website. And also helps to provide details to our viewers about the legitimacy of that website.

Crypto articles: In this article we try to clear all the details that will help them to gain proper details about the currency where they will invest.

Now we also add some new segments on our website where we will promote Write for Us Travel Paid articles.

Guidelines that we promote for our article:

  • Content must not exceed a limited word limit like 500 to 1000 words.
  • We will not accept any fillers, try to eliminate before you send us.
  • We want our writers to read properly before they send articles to our team for further processing.
  • Writers must take more reference in order to create a class content.
  • We will not accept any passive voice in the content, try to write content in an active voice.
  • Before you post your “Write for Us” + Travel Paid article we must suggest you check the spam score and it must not be 1 to 3 percent.
  • We have also introduced some attractive SEO guidelines we want writers to follow while they write content.
  • Try to create a proper Travel Paid “Write for Us” paragraph and it must not contain more than 70 words.
  • We suggest writers to implement a keyword density of 0.75 percent.
  • Title of the article must not be more than 50 characters.
  • We will not accept a description less than 140 characters.
  • We also want writers to check their content on copyscape premium to it will help them to skip plagiarism issues.

Benefits of Travel Paid + “Write for Us”:

  • By doing guest posting writers will be able to generate leads to grow business.
  • Guest posting will help writers to create a brand value successfully
  • Writer keywords will start to rank automatically by doing the guest posting on sour Quickgonews.com.

Contact us for Quickgonews.com:

After understanding all of our guidelines if you think you can write it then send you samples in our Email ID. We will reply to you within 24 hours.

Final Verdict:

Travel Paid Write for Us articles have some specific protocols and in this articles we have discussed every detail now we want writers to follow it. Also click if you want to know details about travel blog.

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